Hoffman Library

A Good Place to Read, and Research!


10 am – 2 pm, Tuesday and Thursday

The Hoffman Library is one of four horticultural libraries in Ohio with over 2600 books, and free gardening catalogs.  This tranquil space is ideal for relaxing and observing the garden beyond the picture windows.


Easy Access to Information

Access to the library’s resources is open to all visitors of the CGC. Please note that the CGC is not loaning library recourses at this time.


Additional services:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Public computer, printer and copier
  • Staff and seasonal picks
  • Youth Education resources
  • Children’s books
  • Antique garden tool collection display
  • Free convenient parking lot adjacent to the CGC

Children’s Books and Resources for Teachers

The Hoffman Library is proud to offer some of the best-loved books for children on the topic of gardening as well as new ones about composting, bugs, and other subjects intended to encourage children to enjoy all the garden has to offer.

The section for teaching resources is located just above the Children’s area and includes books with endless creative ideas for bringing the garden into the classroom.

Both sections are found on the inside of the reference island.

Used Book Sale!

Each year at THE Plant Sale, held on the first weekend in May, the Hoffman Library has a used book sale including gardening, cooking, and craft books and magazines at bargain prices. The Library Committee welcomes year-round donations of gently used books and magazines which may be brought to the lobby’s front desk or placed in the book drop on the side of the building outside the auditorium.