Professional Development Classes

The Green Learning Station has a large array of sustainable building and landscaping practices packed into a small urban lot, making it an ideal site for hosting green industry professional development classes. We offer seminars periodically and are happy to coordinate with firms to provide a site for trainings. Contact the Sustainability and Ecology Education Coordinator if you wish to discuss an event.

Professional Development Seminars

Are the employees at your business or organization interested in learning how to live more sustainably? Click here for a list of educational classes we can offer either virtually or in-person. The Civic Garden Center also offers a Community Garden Development Training (CGDT) program, Master Composter Certification Program, and host the Master Gardener Certification Program led by Hamilton County OSU Extension.

Since 2017, the Green Learning Station has hosted the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) for professionals in partnership with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. For information about the program, contact the Sustainability and Ecology Education Coordinator, Erin LeFever.

Professional development classes offered through the Green Learning Station:

Intro to Sustainability

The term “sustainability” is thrown around a lot these days. Used in a broad context, the concept sounds abstract and daunting to tackle. However, living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. In this session, we will explore how one person or business can make choices that are good for the health of the planet and people. Sustainable living is unique to each individual and can be simple, money-saving, and possible for everyone.

Composting 101: How to Reduce Waste, Save Money, and Create “Black Gold”

In the U.S., 40% of food is wasted. Billions of dollars are lost each year and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly increased by growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of wasted food. Composting is one way to help combat this issue by keeping food waste out of landfills. This class is an excellent introduction to why we compost, different styles of composting, and how to get started at your home or office.

Harness the Power of Rainwater

Our region has a problem with rain. In this presentation you’ll learn how you can reduce polluted runoff from entering our waterways while harnessing the power of rainwater for your benefit. We will explore green roofs, pervious pavement, and rainwater harvesting systems as green strategies for “keeping rain where it falls.” On-site presentations at our Green Learning Station have the option to include a tour of the Green Learning Station’s stormwater management demonstrations.

The Fascinating Life of Bees

The amazing honey bee is an agriculturally-important pollinator now threatened by many human activities. Beekeeping, the art and science of managing honey bees, is a fascinating hobby, fun backyard business and extensive agro-industry activity. This course will broadly discuss the importance of pollinators, the history of bees & beekeeping, the lifecycle of bees, and honey production.

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