The Word on the Street is, Trees Rule!

The talk around the Civic Garden Center these days is all about trees; it may have something to do with The Queen City Tree Revival.

At the beginning of each new season I find myself wishing for more plants, including trees. In the spring I wish I had more flowering trees, in the fall- great fall foliage; winter I crave exceptional bark and now, in the heat of summer, you guessed it- lots of shade!  One of the things you should take into consideration when selecting your next tree is seasonal interest.

giant tree

If you are good at keeping a written or photographic garden journal, your recording will tell you when your landscapes needs a little punch.

Seasonal interests in trees comes from: berries, flowers, foliage (spring and fall) winter interest from bark, persistent leaves or the architecture of the tree.

Other things to consider are:

Do you need year-round privacy? If the neighbors are only out when the days are warm, you may not need evergreens to provide winter privacy.

Wind/sun protection: Look for evergreens that branch out close to the ground for maximun protection.

Strong architectural interest. One of my favorite times of the year to look for new trees is in the winter. If a tree grabs my attention, it’s most likely do to its form and a tree that looks great in the winter is a blessing during our long, gray winters.

Your garden is missing a little je ne sais quoi: You may just need to anchor the garden or create a focal point. If this is the case, then a patio tree is more for you. A smaller tree that’s in proportion to the garden, adds a missing design element, (foliage color, exfoliating bark, muti-truck form) or catches your eye is often all you need to make a garden complete.

Happ tree shopping!

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