To Be Wise


BEWISE It had been a while since I visited the Civic Garden Center and as I was heading to the grounds in my car,zipping along the highway, I decided I wanted to see something green poking its head up through the frosty soil, I wanted to find a beautiful bird to photograph and of course some Witchhazel in bloom.

Car parked and setting out on my search, I came across stepping stones, covered in leaves and disturbed mulch, set along a short garden path. I scraped a stone clean with my boot and paused to read what was revealed. To Be Wise was carved in the stone. Glancing up to ponder what the rest of the message would be, I saw at the end of the path a bench, beautifully placed in the garden. It was a lovely view.

To Be Wise.

If I had not stopped to uncover that stone would I have seen the lovely bench vignette? PerBENCHhaps not.

For the rest of the morning I walked, without expectations, just opened eyes and a curious mind as to what the garden would reveal. To Be Wise- one should not decide what we want to see before we even arrive at our destination for the gardens may have something far more wonderful in store for us.

Jenny Smith


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