Winter Landscapes Give a New View

Winter is a time to notice the qualities of our landscapes that are concealed by the showy leaves and flowers of spring, summer and fall. It is not until trees, shrubs and landscapes are stripped free of their leafy clothing that we can truly notice the texture and color of bark or the shape of one tree compared to another. I collected some photos this week of garden and forest in winter at the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford.

redbud winter
Seed pods hanging from a small redbud tree in winter
shagbark hickory
Distinctive "shaggy" bark of a shagbark hickory draws the eye in the winter forest landscape.
sapsucker marks on magnolia
Tiny holes in this magnolia bark show that some yellow-bellied sapsuckers have been frequenting the tree just outside the visitor center.
Hellebores' show their winter resiliency when they are the only green plants on the forest floor.

-Ryan Mooney-Bullock

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