What To Do When The Chicory Blooms

What to do when the chicory blooms?

Know that summer has started, for sure — no more weirdly cold nights when you wish you hadn’t gone ahead and planted the most tender annuals.

Plant Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds, along with Flying Saucer Morning Glory (blue and white stripes!) and Moonflower (white blooms that open at sunset) seeds,  now that it will be consistently warm enough for the new sprouts.

Take house-bound tropicals outside for their vacation in the open air.

Pick up a Catalpa tree flower — they will be dropping blossoms now — and notice that they are structured a bit like a cross between a trumpet-shaped flower like a daffodil and a Phalaenopsis orchid and smell like some kind of soft, southern drink.

Take a puppy for a walk, if you are lucky enough to know a puppy, and hope she will encounter a tiny, blue butterfly that is exactly the color of chicory flowers in early morning sun — the pup will follow the zippy-flippy flight with her eyes first, then with her head, nodding, curious, puzzled, and fascinated.

Get ready to see inebriated Robins — Mulberry trees are just now dropping fruit that will ferment in the sun in the next few days, tempting the Robins to over-indulge and wobble a bit before flight.

Get up with the sun, if you don’t already get up before the sun, and appreciate the blue-like-no-other chicory flowers along the roadsides and in neglected bits of landscape before they  close by noon.

Cindy Briggs


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