What Are Those Girls Talking About?

Summer afternoon. An elusive, humid breeze. Fresh laundry – sheets, undies, tee shirts, socks – hanging on the cotton clothesline, trying to dry in the full sun, but taking its sweet time in the side yard. A little girl, who has read and reread her week’s allotment of library books and awaits a new Golden Book which her mom will purchase after the next no-tears dental checkup, weeks away, snatches a few clothespins from the sack that hangs at the end of the line. She goes to the rag bag and snips a few pieces of fabric leftover from the print dresses her mom makes. She finds a bit of shade, around the corner from prying eyes, and makes little girl clothespin dolls, lost in glue and paint and imagined lives these little wooden girls will live. She does not think about toys that can’t be purchased with money that doesn’t exist; she only thinks about the little girls she is making and the fun they will have in their new dresses. She finds they like to stand in the soft dirt underneath the bright yellow day lily and plan their adventures in giggly whispers.


The descendants of those little clothespin dolls are going to THE Plant Sale this upcoming weekend at the Civic Garden Center and will be hanging out together, talking about plants and friendships, awaiting discovery. Yup. You can walk around, looking for them, oh, and the planter they will be standing in, of course, filled with plants that love full sun and will bloom nicely until frost. But I suspect the little clothespin dolls will find their way into the hands of whatever little girls are lucky enough to be in the lives of the winner of the raffle (hint, hint…look for them in The Patio Pot Contest area).

THE Plant Sale,  this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Civic Garden Center, raffle drawing on Sunday. Go to the Civic Garden Center website for more details.

Cindy Briggs


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