Tweetery, Tweetery, Tweet: The Bird Friendly Landscape

Very late at night, not quite dawn, the insects shush and the first bird says hello. If your garden is particularly bird friendly, lots of sweet tweeting and chirping and song-of-the-morning bird music greets  you before the sun arrives. And then, during the day, more birdsong fills the garden, making it a place of sound and motion, not just color and light and fragrance. And I swear, varieties of plants that are bird friendly tend to be hardier and lovelier than other plants.

sunflower in the cutting garden at CGC
sunflower in the cutting garden at CGC

If you’d like to make your garden a place birds want to hang out, sign up for The Bird Friendly Landscape, a class offered by Sue Trusty, Horticulturalist, on Thursday, August 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. It’s fun and interesting to incorporate plants in the landscape that will attract the interest of our flying friends. The presentation reveals the secrets to attracting birds to your yard using appropriate plants and landscaping. Also learn how to make your backyard a certified wildlife habitat. Go to the Civic Garden website for registration details.

Cindy Briggs

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