This year, instead of our annual Christmas tree sale, CGC will launch its first ever Treeforestation project!

During Phase One of the project, we’ll be working to clean up and plant trees on a portion of a 9-acre site near Walnut Hills High School. Joining us in this project are the students, teachers and parents at Walnut Hills as well as Cincinnati Parks. We’re also scheduling workdays with our own volunteers and corporate groups.

Our forests are facing unprecedented risks from disease, invasive species, and human development. That’s why CGC is excited to play its part in the global movement to restore deforested and degraded lands back to productivity that revitalize these landscapes for people and the planet.

And we invite YOU to join us in this exciting new initiative. You can purchase a tree that will be planted in your name or in honor of someone you love; you can join in on invasive plant removal and other site preparation workdays; and you can help spread the word about the project.

To purchase a tree or make a donation to the project, see below; or sign up for a volunteer workday.


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