Tree Tunnels

A week into Spring and the warnings of 8 inches of snow? For those of us who are itching to get into the garden and dig some dirt, this round of late winter/delayed Spring is a bit of a challenge. Two days ago the lenten roses looked like this.


Now? Even with the light snow we got in town, they are looking as winter weary, but stalwart none the less, as the gardeners who are yearning for work.


So, I decided to look for what is still wonderful about a significant snow in late March and thanks to an email from a southern friend this morning I knew just where to go. The friend had sent along pictures of tree tunnels from all over the world, all in bloom or leaf, of course, and they were lovely and magnificent, but I went to a local, less spectacular, street I have enjoyed in all seasons. Today it looked like this.


But picture it with an arch of blossoms. Then a carpet of petals on the sidewalks and the street at dawn. Then picture the first leaves, that sparkly yellow-green, fresh and not yet heat scorched. Then picture mid-August with a dense canopy of darker leaves, but feel the cooler temperature that you can feel as soon as you turn onto that street. Then imagine the bronze/red/gold that tents the street until the first big Fall windstorm strips the leaves from the trees and makes a thick, gloriously colorful carpet below. Then the snow. Then Spring and one more snow and a morning walk to see the beautiful tracery of the tunnel of trees.

Cindy Briggs


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