Top Heavy Amaryllis Goes Bottom Heavy

Well, I was wrong about the new flower stem the Top Heavy Toppled-Over amaryllis started putting out after I cut the toppled-over flower stem and put it in a vase. No new stem, it turns out, just flowers. Glorious flowers. Right at the base of the bulb. Four of them, just as big as the original ones at the top of the tall stem.



So, this bulb put out one of two flower heads when it first got going, toppled over in the night, got righted and trimmed and generally tidied up, put out a few leaves and then burst into a second bloom at the base of the bulb. All this further endears it to me and makes me even more determined to nurse it along through its natural, if unconventional, cycle. It seems to have saved the second flower for an emergency.

Cindy Briggs



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