Today in Our Gardens: Yellow Meadow-rue

DSC_0582We love Yellow Meadow-rue, also known as Common Meadow-rue. This delicate looking plant has small, soft leaves that contrast beautifully with the bolder shape, size and look of the hostas that dominate our shade garden. In a soft breeze, the unbelievably small, dainty yellow flowers dance‑ lending a pleasant movement to garden. The flowers are great for cutting, but we prefer to leave them in the garden. Plant this in large groups for a stunning effect in the woodland garden. It does get tall, so some staking may be required. Often, gardeners fall in love with this plant when they see it in bloom. But what we love is that even when there are no flowers to be seen, the foliage of the plant is stunning.

Just the Facts:

Thalictrum flavum var. glaucum (yellow meadow rue)

Sun: Full sun or part shade
Soil: Sandy to clay soil
Blooms: A profusion of tiny, delicate flowers
Bloom time: Early summer to mid-summer
Height: 60-70 inches

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