Today in Our Gardens: Common Pearlbush

One of the easiest things to do, for new and experienced gardeners alike, is to get swept up in the excitement of spring flowering bulbs, wildflowers and trees- like magnolias. But to have a truly successful garden one must also incorporate shrubs. Shrubs add structure to the garden, add height, coverage for birds and oftentimes, year-round interest. And, if spring is heavy on your mind, we have a shrub that will be sure to please, Common Pearlbush.

Pearlbush Civic Garden Center

Exochorda racemosa, Common Pearlbush has proven to be a rather easy shrub to grow. We have ours sited along the driveway as you enter through the Hauk Botanical Gardens gate. Here it receives partial sun (it likes full sun as well), is in well draining soil that stays reasonably moist, but in times of drought and when we simply cannot water the entire grounds, it stands up well. The flowers are elegant, lush and refined.

It reaches 3-4 feet in width and height.

Flowers bloom on old growth in April

It is great as a hedge or as a specimen plant.

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