The Imperfect Gardener

More often than not I find myself telling people, do as I say not as I do!  When I think about it, the best advice I can give any gardener is to have fun, know the rules and do your best to keep said rules.

Quite often I see stories that say, you must be doing this, planting that and believing this when it comes to gardening. But the truth is, even the professional gardeners know what we should be doing but we simply run out of time, get sidetracked or forget (gasp!).

Civic Garden Center

When the time comes, I will let you know what you should be doing in the garden.

Today in the gardens I am taking advantage of the pre-spring bolt of growth, which we seem to be on the cusp of, and I am digging wild onions.

The trick is to get this pretty aggressive plant out of the gardens before it snuggles up to your good plants, making it difficult to remove.

Be certain to take your time and most definitely resist the urge to just yank on the green foliage. This will only leave behind the little bulbs that are all too happy to send up more beautiful green foliage.

I like using my soil knife (which we have for sale in the shop if you need one and you do!) to dig into the soil and get the entire plant- roots, bubs and all.

Stay diligent with this project. I have seen plenty of gardens that have tossed in the towel to onions- it isn’t pretty!


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