Sweet-faced Pansies

My great aunt, Florence Barr, managed to keep her pansies going along quite happily, well into the August heat of northern Indiana. I thought her a miracle worker. Auntie would get them in the ground once the dirt had softened in the spring and then pick and pluck and generally tend them, gently, all summer. I plant some pansies each spring in her memory. Mine don’t make it to August.

Pansies planted in the fall

I now have another miracle worker to admire, judging by the vigor of the pansies at the entrance of the Civic Garden Center. Late last fall optimistic gardeners planted pansies along the patio and just let them be. No heroic mulching. No special coverings. Just a fairly protected site and a positive attitude seems to have done the trick because the pansies have come back up and are currently blooming on deeply rooted plants.

So, if this last batch of cold weather is trying your soul, stop by the Civic Garden Center and say hello to these intrepid pansies. And then have a sit down, if the sun is out, and think about miracles.

Cindy Briggs

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