Square Foot Gardening

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To prepare for fall planting our remaining summer crops were harvested and then our 4’x8′ raised garden bed was cleared of all vegetation*. We harvested about 20 cucumbers! All removed plants were put in the compost. A hand cultivator was used to break up the soil and remove any deeper roots and compost was added.

The fall salad garden seed packages provided by the Civic Garden Center include 10 packages of seeds, our Fall Salad Garden Seed Guide with information on square foot planting. In a 4’x8′ garden bed, there are 32 square feet.

Square Foot Gardening Guide

We divided the bed into 32 square foot plots using flour, a meter stick and yarn.

  • A dash of flour was put on the soil every 12 inches on all four sides.
  • Yarn was used to connect the dashes on opposite sides and create the boundaries for the plots (see photos below). If you do not have yarn available, flour can be used to mark the full length of the lines.
  • This is marking style is temporary. If you’re interested in more permanent marking methods or If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at youtheducation@civicgardencenter.org!
  • Use the Fall or Spring Garden Seed Guide (page 2) to determine which crop to plant in each square. These guide also identify how many of each seed to plant in each square foot area.

*If sharing beds with other organizations or teachers, inform them that your students will once again be using the beds and clearly communicate your plans for clearing, planting and programming. Contact us if you’d like support or ideas for this process.

At a glance key garden chores for August:

  1. Communicate what you will be doing with garden partners
  2. Harvest produce from summer
  3. Create space for fall plantings
  4. Top bed with compost

Recipe ideas:
Refrigerator pickles


 Preparing the Civic Garden Center’s 4’x8′ raised garden bed for fall planting


Time to prepare the garden bed for fall planting!














All cleared and topped with compost
Gathered the materials











8 marks for each length and 4 marks for each width.
Marking every foot.



Finished product!


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