Spring is Really Here!!

Observation date: April 4, 2016

Today is a beautiful day and the plants look very happy! We are also in for a treat with many more good weather days with temps in the 70s and clear skies.

The broccoli looks very healthy
The broccoli looks very healthy!

In the garden I noticed a bee buzzing around me. This warm sun will bring out many bees and other insects that will hang around the garden. I noticed that the leaves of the pea and radish plants were chewed on, but I couldn’t find the culprit anywhere.  This is a great time to spend in your garden, making sure the plants are watered and checking for signs of pests. It is also time for weeding and thinning.

The spinach and arugula were growing very close together and it is important to thin out these plants so that they are not competing for nutrients (sun and water) which can weaken all of them. I usually like to envision how the plant looks when it is mature to determine how much space it will need. I also like to keep the healthier looking plants growing and remove the weaker ones. If two plants look about the same, but are growing too close together, just pick one to remove.

Swiss Chard with its beautiful red stem!
Swiss Chard with its beautiful red stem!

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