Seed Tape and Mats

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  • Toilet paper or napkins
  • Meter stick or ruler
  • Civic Garden Center fall salad garden seed package
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Cup
  • Paint brush
  • Marker

Planting with seed tape and mats is a method intended to increase ease for creating straight rows of crops and planting the recommended number of seeds per area. The supplies needed are flour, water, a cup, a paint brush, toilet paper or napkins, a marker, a ruler and your fall salad garden seed package from the Civic Garden Center. If working with the fall salad garden seed package from the Civic Garden Center, the ideal seeds for seed tape are Arugula, Cilantro, Lettuce, Kale, Sorrel and Swiss Chard as it is recommended to plant between 1 and 4 seeds per square foot for these seeds. We recommend using seed mats for carrots, radish, spinach, and peas as 8-16 seeds per square foot should be planted.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, roll out 2 foot strips of toilet paper or open the napkin so it is 1-ply thick. If using toilet paper, fold it in half “hot dog style” or from top to bottom. Make a mark at 1 inch and 11 inches for every foot, lengthwise. The seeds will be placed within this area. Choose the seed you are going to make seed tape for and write the name of the seed on your tape or mat. Refer our Fall Salad Garden Seed Guide to see how many plants per square foot are recommended and calculate how to space the seeds. Remember, you have 10 inches of space to fill per square foot. If you are unsure about proper spacing, mark the paper at two inch intervals. Then put about a tablespoon of flour into a cup and add water slowly while stirring. Stop adding water once you have a glue-like consistency. Use your paint brush to put a drop of flour paste on the toilet paper and then put two seeds* on each drop. Repeat this for each marking and carefully put your seed tape on a flat surface to dry. After an hour or so the seed tape will be dry and can be rolled for storage until planting.

Again, for plants with recommendations of six seeds or more per square foot, we recommend using seed mats. If working with the fall salad garden seed package from the Civic Garden Center, the ideal seeds for seed squares are Radish, Spinach, Carrots and Peas. This way you can evenly space seeds in multiple rows.

Another option for planning planting is to put flour directly on the soil to mark the spacing pattern. This technique can be used for any seed if you prefer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

*Remember not all seeds will germinate. Placing two seeds per spot will increase the likelihood that at least one plant will grow. If both seeds germinate you should pinch one so they do not compete for resources. This method reduces but does not eliminate the need for thinning after plants have started to grow.

Creating seed tape

  1. Gather Supplies


2. Choose seed type, make and mark measurements, use flour and water “glue” to apply seeds

Seed tape for lettuce (recommended 4 seeds per square foot)












Seed tape for cilantro (recommended 1 seed per square foot)













Seed tape for lettuce, swiss chard, arugula and sorrel (Recommended 4 seeds per square foot)










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