July Sigh

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This month always brings out the best and the worst in our gardens. summer crops are coming on strong with produce to harvest but the unwanted weeds are also gaining hold. A garden that hasn’t been tended weekly can be a nightmare this time of year. All of a sudden you can’t imagine a time when the garden was under control and all you can see are weeds, weeds, WEEDS! This is the month when I receive lots of photos of gardens gone bad along with pics from harvest celebrations. Sometimes I wonder “can’t we just enjoy the fruits without the labor”?! Of course the answer is no [insert *sigh* here]. Take time each week to visit and tend your garden. Get together with fellow teachers, community members and student families to care for the piece of land you cultivate. We ask so much from our gardens, and they thrive with just a little effort from their neighbors. If you have problems, please contact us at youtheducation@civicgardencenter.org. We’re here to help with ideas, strategies and sometimes a little sweat of our own! Take heart in the lovely transformation at Cheviot Elementary (before and after photos below). Garden angels from a nearby church swooped in and zapped the weeds away! What a lovely surprise for a stressed out teacher.

July Sigh
Is there anything under these weeds?
Oh, there's a garden here!
Oh, there’s a garden here!

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