Germination Nation

Date: March 15, 2016

Temperature: High 74F, Low 53F

Have your seeds started sprouting yet? This unseasonably warm, beautiful weather has given our garden a nice boost. Of course, it is likely we will still get more frost and maybe a hard freeze, so we will watch closely over the next month.

My arugula, radish, and spinach are growing well, and almost everything I planted 3 weeks ago has started to sprout, except for the carrots.

If you find things popping up in your garden and you aren’t sure if it’s what you planted or something else, send us a picture!

Here are a few of our new sprouts:

Swiss Chard
Pea. Notice the white seed coat visible next to the sprout.
A dandelion plant nestled right next to the arugula. I am glad I pulled it early!

At this point you might start noticing how similar a lot of these plants look. The first two leaves to emerge are the cotyledons, or seed leaves, which are there inside the seed before it germinates and emerge to begin photosynthesis. Many of these plants, especially those that are in the same family, like arugula, broccoli, and radish, all in the Brassicaceae family, have almost identical cotyledons (see photos). They will begin looking different once their “true leaves” start to grow.

How is your school garden growing? Having trouble identifying something in your garden? How are you connecting your students to the garden?

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