Date: March 22, 2016

Temperature: High 65F, Low 31F

The temperature dipped down below freezing over the weekend, and I was worried about the garden, but as far as I can tell, growth slowed but did not stop entirely.

Now that we have some sprouts coming up in the garden, I noticed that I sowed some of them a little too close. To make sure they all have enough room, I decided to thin out some of my radishes.

IMG_2217 IMG_2218

Here you see on the left a clump of radish sprouts. They can do well close together, but they will get bigger if I give them each a couple of inches of space to grow. I didn’t have the heart to cut out the extras, and I had plenty of space, so I decided to pull out a few of them and replant them a bit farther away. Radishes have a taproot system that pulled out easily, and we will see how the transplanted plants (and the ones I disturbed in the process) fair over the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of our other plants this week:

The peas are growing well.
We have carrot sprouts! Carrots are sometimes difficult to germinate, so I was excited to find these! You can see the seed coat still hanging on to the tip of the cotyledon on the plant on the right.

What’s happening in your garden? Any exciting discoveries? Chime in below or email us at youtheducation

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