Rooftop Harvest

I went up to the roof of the Green Learning Station this morning to do a little watering and found quite a bounty awaiting me! I harvested two savoy cabbage that have been growing since last August and for some reason decided to forgo flowering and actually produce a head. All of the purple kohlrabi looked great so I just harvested the largest three. The pole beans climbing up the railings put forth their first round of snap beans so I picked those to keep the plant in production mode. Our first cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes didn’t make it down the steps.

Here are a few shots of the roof in production. We’ve got a few holes to fill in from the lettuce and spinach that absolutely hated the warm soil, but other than that, it is in full swing.

It can be hard to make out all of the plants from the photos, but our rooftop crops include those we’ve mentioned and:

sunchoke, tomato, tomatillo, cucumber, summer squash, luffa gourd, basil, thyme, chive, oregano, sage, rosemary, lavendar, calendula, radish, beet, carrot, eggplant, pepper, swiss chard, leek, turnip, onion.

Come on by any time to check it out! We give tours focused on growing food in the city every other Saturday at 11 am. The next one is this Saturday, June 30.

A shot of the entire vegetable garden green roof, which is accessible via an open air staircase, which anyone is welcome to climb.
Edamame maturing on the plant: the soybeans and other legumes have been doing great on the green roof!

– by Ryan Mooney-Bullock, Green Learning Station Program Manager

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