Garden Suppliers


We’ve put together a few recommendations for you of reputable garden suppliers; we’ve done business with most of these companies over the years or have had them recommended to us.


The CGC Community Gardens Program advocates biological, organic and sustainable gardening practices.  There are many excellent sources for seeds – the following list of mail order seed distributors are ones that the Community Gardens Program have received seed donations.  It is not offered as a definitive list, but as an option for purchasing heirloom, organic and non-GMO seeds.


Adaptive Seeds

All Good Things

American Meadows

Applewood Seed Company

Backyard Seed Savers

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Bentley Seeds

Botanical Interests, Inc.

Creambelt Seed Company

David’s Garden Seeds and Products

Dollar Seed

Fedco Seeds

Filaree Garlic Farm

Flora Hydroponics, Inc.

Gardens Alive

Good Earth Organic Gardening Center 

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery

High Ground Gardens

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Nature and Nurture Seeds

Peaceful Valley

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Redwood Organic Seeds

Redwood City Seed Company

Renee’s Garden Seeds

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Seeds of Change

Select Seeds

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

South Georga Seed/Heirloom Seed Co

Stokes Seeds, Inc.

Terroir Seeds / Underwood Gardens

The Living Seed Company

The Victory Seed Company

Turtle Tree Seed

Walnut Creek Seeds

White Harvest Seed Company

White Oak Gardens

Windsong Seeds

Buy Local

Organic seeds are available at the Civic Garden Center ““ there is a nice selection High Mowing organic seeds for sale at center’s shop.

Many local nurseries, and ever hardware stores, sell seeds and many offer a line of heirloom and organic seeds.  You may want to check out local options before mail ordering.

A few local family-owned options are:

 A.J. Rahn Greenhouses

J.H. Fedders Feed Company

Funke’s Greenhouse

Osterbrock Greenhouses

Pipkin’s Market

Soil Compost Suppliers

Alvis, Inc.
P.O. Box 243
Miamitown, Ohio 45041

Bzak Landscaping
931 Round Bottom Rd
Milford, OH 45150
513-831-0907 /  fax 513-831-3260

Evans Landscaping
3700 Round Bottom Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45244
Source for Top Soil/Compost blend

H. Hafner & Sons
5445 Wooster Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Fax 513-321-7808

A few tips:

– Please note that when you ask for “topsoil” what you get is clay that will not support the growth of quality plants, shrubs, trees or grass for that mater.

You need to ask for a “garden mix” or blend of “topsoil, compost and manure”.  If available a mix in three equal parts of topsoil, composted manure and well composted leaf mold or mushroom compost is recommended.

– Ask for the soil mix to be shredded, most landscape companies have this capability.

– Try and order your soil after a dry spell of say a week or so”¦ That way it will be easier to move and spread.

– If you can not spread the soil right away cover it with a tarp or plastic.  This will keep it from becoming compacted and difficult to work with.

– Decide ahead of time on a place to have the soil dumped.  Depending on the site you can sometimes have it dumped exactly were you want it.

– If you will be moving the soil from one location to another and it will be dumped on grass have the soil offloaded on a tarp or plastic to protect the grass.

Local Green Industry People

A.J. Rahn Greenhouse
Barefoot Design
Cincinnati Recycle
Denny McKeown’s Bloomin Garden Centre
Keystone Flora, Native Plant Nursery
Worms Way