Pop-Up Surprises

“Christopher Robin gave me a mastershalum seed, and I planted it, and I’m going to have mastershalums all over the front door.”

“I thought they were called nasturtiums,” said Piglet timidly, as he went on jumping.

“No,” said Pooh. “Not these. These are called mastershalums.”

from The House at Pooh Corner

There are all kinds of gardeners, but some of us like pop-up surprises. We tend to plant like Pooh. The result? Vignettes of pure delight.

Plant a small daylily in front of a Hoopdee blue spruce and in a few years the yellow flowers popping up through the lower limbs will look for all the world like Hoopdee has burst into bloom.

Tuck a few Rebecca violets near a small blue hosta and add a few sprigs of Sweet Woodruff and by next summer they will have all snuggled into a happy little group.

Poke a few nasturtium seeds in amongst some pansies or in a planter of annuals and their little round leaves will peek through like mini lily pads or tiny flying saucers and then tumble here and there in the spaces between their companions.

I am so appreciative of Christopher Robin gardeners who share seeds with me and I am awe-struck when the Piglets of my acquaintance roll out Latin names with unassuming confidence. But me? I’m with Pooh.

Cindy Briggs

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