New Garden In the Works!

No garden is perfect, and I can tell you that the Civic Garden Center/Sooty Acres has some humdinger of spaces to work in. We have gardens abutting a busy road, areas that are under well established trees (read many, many tree roots) and some areas that are low and constantly wet. And this is where I am now, in the low lands of our great estate, along the main drive that enters through the wrought iron gates. This low patch, at first was a major turn off. Then I started to think of all the great bog, pond and low lying gardens I have seen in my garden travels. Iris comes to mind. Tall slender, elegant flag iris in the delicious shade of blue-purple or yellow. They love wet feet! From there the imagination takes off, running through lists of plants that can handle a very wet garden. 

My list of forthcoming plants for the new garden space:
White Turtlehead (Chelone glabra), Yellow Flag (Iris versicolor), Iris ‘Gerald Darby’, Iris sibirica, ‘Moonlight Fantasy’ buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), Swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), fringed sedge (Carex crinita), swamp mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos)

NOTE: It has been a very wet spring thus far. Before you designate your garden space a wet garden, observe the garden when we are not in the throws of a mini-inland monsoon. You may have a spot that is artificially wet that may only be mildly damp in the regular season. We want to avoid planting a garden with moisture hungry plants only to find ourselves constantly watering- it is less than environmentally friendly and the thrill of your new –pseudo wet garden will surly wear thin.

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