The Imperfect Gardener #9

The Garden Memory Shadow
In the military there is something called an acoustical shadow, an area of the field where the sounds of cannon fire and such can’t be heard. Generals continue dining in their tents, playing cards or napping completely unaware that only few miles away a battle rages.
There is something similar in gardening called the Garden Memory Shadow. There are two occurrences of this phenomenon. In one case gardeners forget how bad gardening can be and succumb to the pull of warming spring soil, nurseries with fresh green goodies and shinny new tools. This works in our favor for each year our gardens are born once more.
But far more sinister is the fall condition of this malady that has us forgetting how much we love the sight of spring flowering bulbs in the garden after a long, gray winter.  Our worn our muscles and joints, dirty tools and soiled floors tell us to toss in the trowel—the season is over. Close the shed and lock it tight.
Please, before its too late, pull out pictures of spring gardens, look in Pinterest, your books, catalogs, anywhere you can.  Look!  Look how gorgeous it is in the spring, if and only if we remember that feeling now, when there’s still time to plant, time to dig and move soil around once more, before winter sets in.
An acoustical shadow can lead to carnage in battle. Fall Garden Memory Shadow results in a drab, sad spring.

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