The Imperfect Gardener #6 Embracing the Garden Walk About

I am sure there isn’t a gardener amongst us that doesn’t get a little nervous before a tour of their garden. We have visitors each day at the gardens and I still worry about what their reaction will be to our work. It’s the bubble in the wallpaper- you can see it and you assume that it’s all anyone will see when they come for a visit. In your mind, the tiny bubble has gown to a giant tumor on the wall that all your guests will see and then mock you about relentlessly. Same is true with our gardens. We see the weeds, the flowers that need deadheading and the blank spots; where our visitors see plants, ideas, flowers, colors and texture and most of all a little time with us in the garden space we created.

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The other night I attended a garden walk about at the park where I tend a few gardens as part of the Adopt-a-Plot program. My gardens are not as I would like them. In unbiased truth, they aren’t as lush as in years past. But in my mind, as I waited for the gardeners to gather, my lovely gardens morphed into hideous plots that deserved to be shunned.

What happened? Nothing, nothing that my crazy thoughts concocted. What did go down was a great tour of all the gardens, lots of talk about plants, plant ideas and some very kind words about my gardens.

Lesson learned. Host a garden walk about. Give yourself the opportunity to see how fabulous your gardens truly are in the eyes of the beholders. Take in the compliments and the praise and recall them on days when you want to turn the gardens over, burying everything in sight, or when time is scarce, burn it all to the ground.

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