The Imperfect Gardener #16

My Garden New Years Resolutions

As tradition dictates, it’s time to make our New Years resolutions. Here are my garden resolutions.


Start early!  I will clean tools, sharpen blades and clean pots before the frost breaks!

Give them up! There are always plants I want to thrive but deep down I know, and as results often prove, they simply are not meant to be here. Time to move on to new plants.

Stick to the plan! I made that design for a reason. This is a proactive resolution. I am making garden designs for the new space created by the displaced beech tree. It will be a good, solid plan. So, I will stay strong at the nurseries and follow my design and ignore the plants that call out to me- take me home Bennett!

Travel more! Garden travel is my favorite way to get inspired, discover new plants and spend time with likeminded garden aficionados. I may be worn out and dreaming of a nap in the shade, but this year I will hit the road more, visit new gardens and take lots of pictures! The amount of great parks, arboreta, and botanical gardens within 20, 50, and 100 miles is truly something we should explore to full advantage. 

Plant More! I will commit right now to planting more shade trees here at the Civic Garden Center.  It is only when I look through photos here during archive work that I realize how many trees are missing from the gardens.  That explains all the low areas in which I’m always tripping when working or mowing!  Though it is easy to be seduced by flowering trees, the future belongs to those great canopy trees that promise a century or more of benefits. 

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