The Imperfect Gardener #14

As we come to the close of another gardening season I try to take time to recall what really went well and what was a little disappointing.  Luckily with age and years in the garden comes clarity and a realistic outlook on my garden life. Earlier on in my gardening career I would take it to heart when things did not go as planned, be it a design coming to fruition, a plant meeting my expectations or just feeling like my overall garden knowledge was not where it should be. Who am I kidding; it still gets to me a little sometimes.  


But with age and time comes perspective. The truth is that we have so little control over what happens in our gardens. What?!!?! What are you telling me, you demand. Why am I researching, studying, and following all the rules if I have no control?

Ah my gardening friends, you are now advancing to the next level of gardening- letting go. Be glad, for it will make your time in the garden that much more enjoyable.

There is a lot we can and should do to make our garden spaces as conducive to garden life as possible. But weather, disease, pests, poor seeds, an unexpected extended trip away from the garden—so many factors play into how our gardens fair that in the end we are simply pointing our gardens in the right direction and hoping Mother Nature will smile on us.

So back to why we study, and plan and thoughtfully care for our gardens. With everything that can go wrong, there is no acceptable reason to introduce errors, bad judgment and sloppy gardening into the mix. It’s our job as faithful gardeners to do our best to be wise, skillful gardeners and make it that much easier for the gardening gods to smile upon us and our little plots of earth.

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