The Imperfect Gardener #13

Caring for Your Christmas Tree

First, thank you to you all who purchased a tree with us this season. It’s a lot of fun meeting you, hearing your plans for the holidays and seeing the trees flow off site and head to their new homes. Also, this is a big fundraising events for the Civic Garden Center. So while you were thinking of ornaments and getting as many lights on as you could, we were all doing our part to keep this great institution going strong.


Now for the nitty gritty of tree care.

Water it. For the love of all things green and growing, if you want your tree to make it till New Years and not shed needles like an over heated basset hound, you must water the tree.

Protect from direct heat, like space heaters, vents and the fire place. Heat just dries out the tree which makes it succumb to needle loss that much faster

Do we need to say it? Yes, I think we do. Fire and Christmas trees do not mix! There is a reason we don’t clip candles to the tree and stand at the ready with buckets of water. For one, its un-nerving and second, what do you do with a sopping wet tree, rug, floor and gifts after you put out the candle induced fire?

Be thoughtful with the lights. String those lights up with abandon! But, please do not connect 10 strings together. Use a power strip cord for many strands of lights.

After the Holidays

Up-cycle, reuse, compost… do anything you want, just be green!

Nothing sadder than seeing discarded trees on the curb. Trees in the landfill is a ridiculous waste of space and energy. So this year, prep the tree in the corner of the yard as a shelter for birds and other wildlife. 

Have the kids make ornaments rolled in peanut butter and seeds to adorn the tree in its new outdoor home.

Use any needles and small twigs from your tree as mulch around acid-loving plants.  The addition to acidity is minimal, but any bit helps.

Have a real pond, not a rubber lined garden pond? Tie a few heavy rocks to the tree and submerge, the fish will love the new object to swim around and hide in.

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