The Imperfect Gardener #12

The beech tree is down.  For the last few years we have been watching as the tree declined, knowing one day it would have to be removed. That day has come and gone.  


Nothing is permanent in a garden, even a long-lived tree, so as gardeners we should be ready for death, decay and then rebirth in our spaces. But it’s not always easy. I was dreading the cut down day. I had to move all the plants that once grew under the magnificent tree’s long, outstretched branches and make wide paths for the tree trimmers and the fallen tree. 

But then something wonderful happened. The tree came down and for the first time, I can see across the garden space to the ginkgo and other trees on the property. The tall yew that has a wonderful sculptural quality is quite visible now and the space, oh the space! it’s huge.  Trees are on their way to being installed in the new space as are shrubs and new perennials more suited to the sunnier conditions, and new resting places for the displaced plants have been secured. Nothing will go to waste, not even the fallen tree. We are scheming ways to up-cylce the massive trunk.

So if the dirt crew and myself look a bit befuddled and excited you will know why; we have a  huge space to plan, plant and get established in the waining days of autumn and early spring.   A garden’s work is never done. Yeah! 

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