Community Gardens Locator Map

How to use this locator map

Are you looking to get involved in a Community Garden? There are three simple steps to take that will get you started on your path to growing food using the Community Gardens Locator Map below.

  1. Search for a specific garden, neighborhood, or type of garden using the Community Gardens Locator Map below.
  2. Locate the garden in which you are interested and click to get the details. (When you click on an indicator more information will pop up and provide you with contact information for the Garden Coordinator, type of garden and more).
  3. Please contact the Garden Coordinator with any questions you have about that specific garden or if you’d like to become a member of that garden.
  • Garden Type

    Allotment – garden plots are for the use of individual gardeners and those gardeners choose what they want to do with the harvest (keep, share, donate)

    Demonstration – garden is used as a site to teach about gardening techniques

    Food Pantry – harvest is donated to food pantry in the community

    Foraging – fruits and vegetables are available to general public to harvest and enjoy

    Hub Garden – gathering place for gardening/cooking classes; also allotment garden

    School – garden is on or near school grounds and used for educational purpose



If you are unable to reach a Garden Coordinator, please email or give us a call at 513-221-0981.