Julie Hanser Garden

Julie Hanser Comm Garden 7.7.16Adopted by Mary Bishop


Originally started by Healing Connections Associates today the garden is overseen by Sue Plumber with help from the Healing Connections Associates staff, community volunteers and market gardener Jocelyn Coulter.  The goal of the garden is to promote healthy diets to seniors.  An innovative aspect of the garden is the distribution of the garden’s harvest to home-bound seniors through the Mercy Neighborhood Ministries home health nurse network.  The garden also contributes produce to a local food pantry.

In 2007 the back lot behind the garden has been cleared by the Civic Garden Center staff and volunteers to create a picnic area as well as an area for a tool shed and compost system.

In 2013 a wooded area was cleared of Honeysuckle and a perennial woodland garden was planted including Pawpaw trees, gooseberries and currants.  This project was supported through donations of plants and volunteer labor by the Crossroads Church annual “Go Cincinnati” project.  Some plants were also donated by the CGC and Cincinnati Zoo.

Each year the colorful flowers growing in the front beds of the garden have sparked interest in neighbors who inquire about gardening opportunities as well as expressions of gratitude for the beautification of the neighborhood.

Civic Garden Center gratefully acknowledges Mary Bishop Adopt-a-Garden sponsorship.

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