Start Gardening!

Gardening Is Who We Are

The Civic Garden of Greater Cincinnati was born out of the Victory Gardens movement of World War 2, and ever since, gardening has been central to who we are and what we do. Whether it’s a pot of herbs growing in a windowsill or taking on a plot at one of our 70+ Community Gardens around the region, we have options for gardeners of all skill levels. Our goal is to support beginner gardeners and expert gardeners alike with educational opportunities, gardening resources and materials, volunteer support, and an introduction to our network of gardeners sharing best practices and resources. 

As we face deep economic insecurity, coupled with concerns around disruptions to our global food supply chain, gardening has taken on a new urgency. Growing food is one small thing we can do to regain control and help ourselves — a way to improve our mental and physical health during an optimum time for starting a vegetable garden.

Getting Started

All you will need is a sunny window to get started! First time gardening? We recommend starting small and keeping it simple. 

Backyard Gardening

Take control of your own food security by growing some food in your backyard.  

Community Gardens 

Mastered the art of container gardening and no backyard to expand into? Not a problem, connect with one of our 70+ community gardens in your neighborhood. 

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