Early Appearance of Spring Bulbs


If you have spent time in the gardens as of late you will notice that things seem a bit ahead of schedule, to say the least! Reports are circulating around Cincinnati of some magnolias in bloom as well as bearded iris, pansies, cherries and quince. I recently saw a few forsythia flowers in bloom. There is not much of anything you can do about trees breaking into an early bloom, but what about those spring flowering bulbs?

civic garden center of greater cincinnati

Again, not much you can do or need to do.

Early spring flowering bulbs are designed to handle warm and colder temperatures’ ebb and flow in early spring. The leaves of some daffodils may be poking up, but the flower stalks are still tucked safely below the surface. Some leaves may get a bit nipped by the cold, but the heart of the plant, the flower and flower stems will not be harmed.

If you have been pulling back the mulch to look for signs of early blooms, stop! Carefully place the mulch as it was and step a way. You don’t want to risk breaking or stepping on emerging foliage. Also, resist the urge to pile on more mulch. Your toes may be cold, but your flowers are fine and may actually suffer in the long run from additional mulch.



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