Compost Kids Field Trips

Field Trips for Kindergarten to Grade 6

Compost Kids field trips offer teachers and students an opportunity to engage in scientific discovery while learning about an important component of sustainable living. What child wouldn’t love the chance to sort through “garbage” while seeing their teacher hold a wiggly worm? Students learn why we compost, how we use compost in our gardens, identify decomposers, and taste delicious herbs grown in fertile soil.

Our grounds, Hauck Botanic Gardens, are the perfect place to see the compost process in action. Compost Kids field Trips walk students through each step of the composting process from kitchen scraps to healthy soil. Our gardens themselves are proof that healthy compost leads to healthy plants!

Bus costs may be covered by Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District. Apply today!

Contact: Ellie Falk,
Compost Kids 2