Victory Gardens Education Series

Become a Victory Gardener: Grow Your Own Food!

We want to empower you to grow your own food. At any scale and in almost any location, you can make a positive difference in your life by growing food. Let us show you how!

In WWI and WWII Victory Gardens called on people to grow their own food to support the war effort. Out of that movement, the Civic Garden Center was born. We teach people how to become more self-sufficient and better stewards for our environment through our online videos and our monthly webinars.

Follow our year long class series as we walk you through step by step how to grow food from bare ground to bounty!

Grow Your Own food

Victory Gardens Education Series 2021

Our Victory Garden Education Series offers monthly classes free of charge to make this information easily accessible to anyone interested in being more self-sufficient, register for the next class below. Bring your curiosity and desire, we will take care of the rest.

Each month on the first Wednesday we will feature a seasonal gardening class and on the third Wednesday, a cooking demonstration focusing on healthy eating with produce available from your garden right now. Grow it, then Eat it, then Repeat it!


Upcoming Gardening & Cooking Classes

December: Vegetable Gardening 101

  • Replay: Vegetable Gardening 101: It Starts Here 
    • Description: Are you interested in learning what all is involved with growing food for yourself and your family? Join us as we cover things to think about such as materials needed, necessary costs and most importantly the time involved. We’ll share the educational resources we have available to keep you on track.

January: Planning Your Garden

  • Replay: Planning Your Garden: Part 1
    • Description: A successful vegetable garden relies on planning. There is no better way to maximize your crop yields and minimize your effort than by creating an effective plan and sticking to it. It’s easier on your stress level too! Join Joshua as he discusses how he plans for his growing season. What factors he considers and how to put it all down in a way that makes sense.

  • Replay: Planning Your Garden: Part 2 A Deeper DiveDescription: Are you the kind of person that geeks out on planning? This is your class. We go deeper into the topic of setting goals and then planning to meet those goals. There are a lot of things to balance and it can get confusing. If you want to really make a big difference in your food budget by growing the maximum amount of your own healthy food.

February: Getting Started

  • Replay: Basic Organic Vegetable GardeningDescription: Sara Stolz, Extension Agent for Horticulture Education-Campbell County, gives a great overview of growing organic vegetables. She covers soup to nuts including – how to plant, maintain and harvest your garden. Topics include timing the vegetable garden; seasonal considerations; variety selection, companion planting, and implementing BMP’s into your garden.



  • Cooking – Gardening Healthy Traditions: Perspectives of Nutrition & Health
    • Description: Lisa Andrews will provide an overview about nutrition and eating a healthy diet including whole foods, fruits and vegetables. With a quick demonstration  Greg will discuss crop choices growing and give an overview of preserving techniques to get the most nutrition and value out of your food.


  • Gardening – Seed Starting & Thriving Garden Practices
    • Description: There is no better way to chase away the winter blues than starting seeds for your garden. However the right set up can brighten your day and the wrong one can make it difficult to succeed. Join us as we discuss proper seed starting techniques to ensure your plants get off to a healthy start. We will also discuss what equipment you do and do not need.

March: Preparing Your Garden

  • Gardening – Soil Health


    • Gardening – Garden Bed Preparation
    • Date/Time: Wednesday, March 24th, 6-7pm

April: Crop Starting

  • Gardening – Starting Spring Crops

  • Cooking Class – Topic TBD

May: Pest Management

    • Weed and Pest Management (basic)
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD
    • Weed and Pest Management (advanced) BONUS CLASS

June: Irrigation & Fertilization

    • Irrigation and Fertilization
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD
    • Supplemental Protection  BONUS CLASS

July: Fall Crop Planning

    • Fall Crop Planning
    • Cooking – Topic TBD
    • Cover Crops BONUS CLASS

August: Harvesting 

    • Harvesting
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD

September: Season Extension

    • Season Extension
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD

October: Garden Clean-Up

    • Garden Clean-Up
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD
    • Seed Saving BONUS CLASS

November: End of Season Review

    • End of Season Review & Planning Ahead
    • Cooking Class – Topic TBD