Community Gardens Development Training

Community Gardens

The community garden program began in 1980. Since then community gardening has blossomed all across greater Cincinnati. There are dozens of tclick-to-playhese magnificent green and growing areas throughout the city.

Community Gardens Development Training Series

Thanks for your interest in the Civic Garden Center’s Community Garden Development Training (CGDT).

Community Gardens Development Training (CGDT) provides community residents with technical assistance, leadership training, horticulture education and start-up materials. This training ultimately helps to carry out the mission of the Civic Garden Center, extending the impact to a broad number of people in Cincinnati. This class is also a great resource for folks interested in becoming involved in an existing community garden or vegetable gardening at home. These classes are free of charge! Many classes are hands-on workshops. CGDT is sponsored in part by the Meshewa Farm Foundation. Please check back this fall to register for CGDT.