Bring the Gold to Your Garden

Aralia Cordata ‘Sun Kin’g is a Gold Winner
Savvy gardeners know how to create visual interest in a garden that is primarily foliage. Perennial shade gardens are not often known for their abundance of long-lasting blooms, but for their awesome display of foliage colors, textures and shapes. Often times that light bulb moment, when the shade garden at last comes together and really pops with color, coincides when plants with yellow foliage are incorporated.
Aralia cordata Sun King
The gold foliage of Aralia adds lightness and brightness to the garden. The foliage is more delicate that some of other favorite shade plants- such as hostas and ligularias, which also contributes to a visually balanced garden when heavy and lighter foliage are intermingled.
Plant in partial shade, in an area protected from the wind and in soil that is organically rich and consistently moist. Aralia will reseed, but we never found the new plants to be invasive or hard to control. In fact, we enjoy the colony of plants that forms over time when conditions are right.
Aralia Cordata Sun King CGC
If the foliage on your plant is not as gold in color as you expected, it may be in too much shade. The is one reason we like to test plants before adding a lot of any one variety. If a plant is new to you and/or you are working in a new garden or garden space, it may be difficult to know for certain if a plant will thrive in the new location. So, before investing in multiples of a plant, try out one for the season and better yet a full year to see how well it thrives.
Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’
Height: 72 inches
Width: 36 inches
Foliage: Gold-lome green
Fruit: Black to deep red
Flowers: White

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