As I was Saying #2

The world is awfully noisy—sirens, cars honking, even social media screaming look at me, look at me. No wonder people find retreat in our garden. It is not completely quiet; is any place in the city silent? But it is peaceful. The plants, the pond, the design elements blur the clatter and roar of the city into white noise and allows us to just be at peace with our thoughts for a while.


But the constant noise is more than sound clutter, it’s competition for your attention. So many worthy organizations rely on you to keep their mission strong. Being heard these days, I think, can be harder now because we have so many places to share our words—newspaper, radio, tv and all the countless social media venues. It can be deafening and discouraging. But then this happens.

I hear laughter coming from our classroom. I hear children giggling with delight at seeing their vegetables patches growing. I hear the sounds of inspiration and recognition that something new and wonderful was just discovered. I hear thank you from neighbors when they see their new community garden coming to life and I hear praise from supporters and volunteers when they see how their hard work and dedication is paying off.

It’s a noisy world out there to be sure. But when I take the time to listen, I can hear all the good we are doing here at the Civic Garden Center, with your help. Thank you.

Vickie Ciotti
Executive Director

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