Tread Carefully in the Garden

Raise your hand if you are itching to walk around your garden and look for new shoots, sprouts and other signs of spring. 


I know I am. But, we must be patient fellow gardeners. It is too soon to walk in the gardens. The soil is going to be very damp from the recent snow and rains. Walking on the soil will only compact it unnecessarily, ruin the light composition you worked so hard to create last season and leave unsightly gouges and divots where you walk.

Young plants may be just below the surface days from emerging. If you are like me, you think you will remember where all your plants are located, but you won’t. Why risk stomping on a plant?

Here is what you can do if you have to start working:

  • If you can stand on stones, paths and lawn then this is a good time to trim trees and shrubs. Chances are you forgot or where too tired last year after a season of gardening to add one more fall project to the list.
  • Look for crossing limbs and branches, sprouts as well as branches breaking the form of the tree or shrub and winter damage. Trim those.
  • Clean your tools.
  • Buy new tools. Yes, you need a new garden tool. You DESERVE a new garden tool. Stop by our gift shop for something new and shiny (shameless plug, I will admit!)
  • Plan your garden. Dig out old pictures and sketches and make notes on what should be done this year.
  • If you have not already, start your seeds.

You can be busy this time of year, just pick tasks that don’t do more harm than good—you will thank yourself later!


 Photo of Hunter boots found on pinterest

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