Important Letter to our supporters

Dear Friends,


In 1942, the Civic Garden Center grew out of a need for fresh, sustainable food during a time of war. This new organization provided Greater Cincinnatians with the tools they needed to start victory gardens at home and on public land. These gardens provided nourishment to body, mind and soul during one of the toughest times in our nation’s history.


A lot has changed since 1942, but one thing remains the same: the Civic Garden Center is motivated by the need to help our community.  During wartime we were firmly planted in hospitals to teach recovering soldiers the basics of gardening.  When the U.S. government passed the National Environmental Policy Act in 1970, we responded with “Operation Green Thumb,” a program to encourage the next generation of gardeners to find a healthy relationship with the Earth. In the 1980s we rooted our work in neighborhoods to teach residents how to work together to turn blighted lots into vegetable gardens. In the process we created one of the first community garden programs in the country.  Decades later we branched out into schools to engage youth with hands-on activities such as planting seeds and harvesting crops.


Through it all, we’ve been here for you.  It is your support that has helped us grow these past 74-years. And although we would like to think that we will always be here, serving you and our community, the experience of the most recent recession tells another story. That’s why this autumn, as we put gardens to bed and prepare to welcome thousands of students for educational field trips, we’re asking for your help.

Will you make a gift today to support the Civic Garden Center’s mission? Your tax-deductible donation makes a difference and is needed right now because after all, without your support, there can be no victory. Make your donation here.


Terry Lemmerman
CGC Volunteer, 1982-Present