Community Garden Development Training

This series of classes (CGDT) begins in November and runs through the winter to get you ready for next spring.

Participants in CGDT classes must complete and submit an application. For the list of the CGTD classes click here.PNC_Bank_4C

Professional Development Series**

Whether you’re a green industry professional seeking CEUs or an individual interested in learning more about sustainable architecture and reducing human impact on the environment, this series is for you! This set of classes will focus on The Living Building Challenge (LBC) – one of the newest green building rating systems. The LBC is a building certification program, advocacy tool, and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today. A variety of experienced live instructors will provide engaging presentations related to the seven performance categories of the LBC known as Petals: Place, Water, Energy, Health & Happiness, Materials, Equity and Beauty. Classes begin in April and will be hosted every other month in 2015. Stay tuned for postings and register for individual sessions listed below.

** after title indicates a class in this series


School Garden Workshop Series

The following training sessions are offered free of charge to all interested educators.  Each session will have a table of free resources and certificates for continuing education units. Advanced registration is appreciated but not required.




Master Composter Series

Dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22, 9am-3:30 pm
Cost: $30 per participant
Class size is limited. Registration is required.

Calling all garden gurus and environmental enthusiasts! Ready to get down and dirty? Enroll in our intensive Master Composter Training. You’ll learn the details of soil science, a variety of composting methods, and how to share your knowledge with our local community. 10 hours of classroom instruction will be complemented by 10 hours of field study, exposing participants to the vast wealth of composting resources in our area. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of 30 volunteer hours working in community gardens and education programs. Don’t miss your chance to join this unique opportunity. Spaces are limited and interested participants must submit proof of basic composting knowledge via a pre-test before they are considered for enrollment.  Click here to register.

The Deer-Resistant Garden

Thursday, June 9, 11:30-1:00 PM
Instructor: Bennett O. Dowling, CGC Horticulturist
Cost: $15 (free for CGC volunteers)

When deer become regular visitors to your garden, it is easy to become frustrated. However, there is a vast palette of plants that are deer resistant as well as many techniques and products that can help protect your garden.  All this talk of edible plants will perhaps awaken your own appetite, so remember to bring a lunch!  Click here to register.

School Garden Development 101

Thursday, June 16, 9 am-3 pm
Instructor: Mary Dudley, School Garden Coordinator
Cost: Free for teachers.
This training is for teachers, parents, and community members who wish to start a school garden. The training is a full day of learning the design process for a socially and ecologically diverse garden. We share ideas and examples from other schools, teach basic gardening and composting skills, and model gardening lessons you can use in the classroom. After participating in the training you are enrolled in our School Garden Network, giving your school access to free seeds, consultations from our staff, our monthly School Garden Calendar, and notifications of upcoming events in our School Garden Workshop Series. Join the 80+ youth gardening programs in Greater Cincinnati by partnering with the Civic Garden Center to help your students grow! To register call 513-221-0981. 

School Garden Workshop:  Harvest Party Potluck

Thursday, June 16 3:30 – 5pm

Join in the fun and share the success of the harvest.  Bring a dish to share.  To register call 513-221-0981.

Getting Started Workshop

Monday, June 20, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Instructors:  Make a Difference Team takingroot
Cost:  Free

The award-winning Make a Difference Team is, once again, offering free Getting Started Workshops for those that want to join in the tree planting effort on Make a Difference day, Saturday, October f22, 2016.  We will cover how to raise and calculate funding, goals, how to choose trees, where to find tools, where to buy and how to plant trees.  Our expert speakers will try to answer all of your questions.  Please call 513-221-0981 to register.

Home Grown Herbs: Tincture Making

Saturday, June 25, 10:00 am -12:00 pm
Instructors: Carisa Hund-Bunten and Bennett Dowling, CGC Horticulturist
Cost: $25, ages 13+up
Learn how to extend the use of medicinal plants and flowers growing in your own garden by making shelf stable tinctures, extracts, and infusions. Follow traditional recipes for a safe and effective infusion of the healing attributes of your garden’s herbs into an alcohol base. Learn what plants to include on your 2016 seed list and the tips that make the difference between success and failure of the tincturing process. Click here to register.


Attract Pollinators with Native Plants

Saturday, July 23, 10:00 am-noon
Instructor: Solomon Gamboa, Pioneer Landscapes, LLC
Cost: $15 (free to CGC Volunteers)
Learn how to bring more pollinators into your garden using native plants, which thrive in our region. Take home lists of plants that specifically attract honey bees, native bees, native butterflies and hummingbirds. Design principles will focus on large landscape beds and prairie plots. The class will start at the CGC and include a trip to a local pollinator hotbed, so dress to be outdoors.  Click here to register.

Preserving the Harvest, Part I: Freezing, Drying and Pickling

Wednesday, July 27, 6:00-8:00 pm
Instructor: Jennifer Even, OSU Extension Agency
Cost: $15 (free to CGC volunteers)

Want to learn the latest recommendations for preserving pickled products, drying fruits, or freezing vegetables? Come to this workshop to learn the latest recommendations presented by Jenny Even, Extension Educator with OSU in Hamilton County. Information will be presented based on the latest USDA guidelines. Recommended procedures, websites and fact sheets will be provided.  Click here to register.



Preserving the Harvest, Part II – Water Bath Canning

Wednesday, August 10, 6:00-8:00 pm
Instructor: Jennifer Even, OSU Extension Agency
Cost: Free for CGC constituents

Location: OSU Extension Office, 5093 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

Summer brings a bounty of goodness from the garden.  Learn how to safely preserve nature’s harvest to enjoy year round through a water bath canning program and demonstration. Jenny Even, Extension Educator with OSU in Hamilton County, will present the latest canning recommendations from the USDA on safely preserving high acid foods, including tomatoes and fruit products. Recommended procedures, websites and fact sheets will be provided. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced canner, you won’t want to miss this program!  Free to Civic Garden Center donors or volunteers. Call 513-221-0981 to register.

Abundant Tomatoes: Taste Test, Save Seeds, Keep Plants Healthy

Thursday, August 11, 6:00-8:30 pm
Instructor: Jerry Luebbe, President – Cincinnati Heirloom Open Pollinated Tomato Associate Growers (CHOPTAG)
Cost: $15 (free for CGC volunteers)
Join us for a tomato taste test in the height of the season to sample a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes. Pick up ideas for which varieties to grow next year and how to use them in your kitchen. Learn the art of tomato seed saving so you can pass on your own heirloom seeds. Take home strategies for keeping your plants growing strong into the fall. To register click here.

Getting Started Workshop

Monday, August 15, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Instructors:  Make a Difference Team
Cost:  Free takingroot

The award-winning Make a Difference Team is, once again, offering free Getting Started Workshops for those that want to join in the tree planting effort on Make a Difference day, Saturday, October f22, 2016.  We will cover how to raise and calculate funding, goals, how to choose trees, where to find tools, where to buy and how to plant trees.  Our expert speakers will try to answer all of your questions.  Please call 513-221-0981 to register.

Productive Land Management: Native Prairies, Food Forests, and More

Saturday, August 20, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor: Solomon Gamboa, Pioneer Landscapes, LLC
Cost: $15 (free for CGC volunteers)

This class will thoroughly introduce you to the American grassland ecosystems commonly known as prairies. We’ll demonstrate how they can be applied to your property to enhance the aesthetic, animate your space with wildlife and pollinators, as well as cut down on your time spent mowing the lawn! We’ll also show how Food Forests can be planned within prairies, and how invasive plant removal all ties into making your land productive for ecology and humanity as well.  Click here to register.

Gifts from the Beehive

Saturday, August 27, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor: Carisa Hund-Bunten, Owner of 7th Street Gifts
Cost: $30 per participants, ages 18+up, registration is required*
Considered some of nature’s finest gifts, products from the hive have amazing properties and uses. This class introduces the benefits and uses of beeswax and honey for your health and daily life. Participants will create their own recipes using beeswax and local raw honey from the instructors own homestead hives. Therapeutic grade ingredients will be used in take-home recipes for a beeswax candle, body cosmetic, and an edible treat. Click here to register.
*Participants must have the ability to follow instructions and work safely around high temperatures.



Garden Basics: Fall and Winter Maintenance of Flower and Vegetable Gardens

Thursday, September 8, 11:30 am -1:00 pm 
Instructor: Bennett O. Dowling, CGC Horticulturist & Jerry Luebbe, seasoned vegetable gardener
Cost: $15 (free for CGC Volunteers)
Preparing your plants and beds for winter is important in maintaining the health of your plants and soil, as well as the aesthetics of the landscape in its dormant state.  Fall and winter are key seasons for shrub and tree planting, seed collecting, feeding and other practices that send your garden into winter healthy, happy and ready for spring.  This class covers the seasonal cycles of flower and vegetable gardens with an emphasis on building healthy soil, including the use of green manure crops and composting. To register click here.


Soap Making Day Camp

Saturday, September 10, 10:00 am- 12:00 pm & 12:30-2:30 p.m.
Instructor: Carisa Hund-Bunten, Owner of 7th Street Gifts, Newport, KY
Cost: $120 per participant + materials fee by weight, ages 18 and up, registration is required*
The CGC is fortunate to offer this much sought after program by one of our region’s most knowledgeable soap artisans. This class is a “real deal” hands-on immersion in cold process soap making for the serious student. Learn by doing in this all day soap making camp. Sharing coveted techniques and tips, Carisa’s experience applies practical application learned firsthand from crafting and selling handmade soap from her family’s brick and mortar storefront for over 15 years, conducting numerous workshops, as well as receiving formal training in soap making from the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Safety will be a primary concern while stressing the importance of exact measurements, ingredients, and temperatures while working with lye. Using a variety of recipes and ingredients, you will take home 8-9 customized soaps made that day to cure and use long after the camp.

Participants must be able to stand and lift, follow instructions, and work well in a group setting. Old clothes, long sleeves and closed-toe shoes required. Latex gloves and goggles will be available or you may bring your own.
*PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the tuition there will be an additional materials fee (based on take home weight) of approximately $25.00 due to the instructor that day.

Click here to register for 10:00 class.

Click here to register for 12:30 class.

Backyard Composting – Fall

Thursday, September 22, 6:00-8:00 pm
Instructor: Jerry Luebbe, Master Composter & Kylie Johnson, Green Learning Station Coordinator
Cost: $15 (free for CGC volunteers)
Do you want to start a compost pile but have no idea how to even begin? Come learn the basics about composting to get you started.  This class is an excellent introduction to why we compost, different styles of composting, and how to compost. To register click here.